Your Guide To The Best London Restaurant Reviews

Your Guide To The Best London Restaurant Reviews

Nothing beats the discovery of a great new restaurant; a brilliant meal, new flavours and aromas, a warm and vibrant atmosphere and then telling your friends all about it.

There’s great satisfaction to be had in enjoying a London restaurant and then recommending it to friends. The foodie community in the capital is inviting and friendly and eager to find new places, new tastes and new ideas, and Top City Bites is a really easy way for you to contribute.

Read about the best London restaurant reviews

The choice of London restaurants can be overwhelming, even if you have already narrowed down your search to a specific area or style of food. Often you need a trusted resource that you can navigate quickly for reliable information, inspiring ideas and honest verdicts. Top City Bites is that resource, because you provide the content.

We have built our site on the principle of user-generated content. This means that we see through the glitz, glamour and pretence of the style mags and showbiz columns and cut to the chase. You are making the booking or queuing for the table, you are surveying the menu and ordering, you are experiencing the staff, the atmosphere and of course the food. And you are paying the money.

At Top City Bites, we talk about real, everyday dining experiences in all different types of restaurants in London. So if you think it’s expensive or great value, if you think the menu is dull and limited or varied and creative, if you think the food is skilful and challenging or rushed and uninspiring, the real message will come out, because that is your experience, not what a PR agency or magazine editor wants you to think.

It is important to us that you get the real story, genuine images and the honest thoughts of people like you. Only then can you really make a truly informed decision on where to eat in London and provide us with the best London restaurant reviews.

How to choose where to eat in London

Of course choosing what is the best food in London is always a challenge, because London is always changing. What was fashionable or exciting last week, might not be today. People come and go, chefs move on, menus change, some ideas work and some don’t. The beauty of Top City Bites is that our contributors are out there in the thick of it, and relaying back to all of us the real story of the London restaurant scene.

So if that Malaysian Satay House has got a new menu and is worth another try, we will let you know. If you loved that Brazilian Rodizio Grill last year, then we can tell you if it is still value for money. You can also keep checking back to read about new places you might not have heard of, or that new Italian deli café round the corner that your mates raved about last night? Can their desserts possibly be as good as they said? You need a second opinion. We are adding new content all the time and like London itself, we are always changing, so it pays to keep up.

You can contribute to the best London restaurant scene

You already contribute to the London restaurant scene simply as a customer, but you can share your experiences and make it better by contributing to Top City Bites each time you eat out in the capital. Even if you just want to talk about one dish, or one aspect of a restaurant that really struck you, it helps and inspires people.

Maybe you have a favourite chef, or you were blown away by a unique menu, sometimes there’s some quirky décor or a distinctive feature that everybody needs to see. If you are passionate about food and can produce engaging content that will inspire people to join you in the quest for the best food in London, then subscribe to Top City Bites and let’s enjoy the journey together.

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