The Latest Guide to Matcha Desserts in London

    It has been a while, hasn’t it? since the last Guide to Matcha Desserts in London. As you know, London’s food scene metabolizes so fast, faster than our metabolism rate actually… *insert awkward smile and sigh. I guess it’s time to share some new matcha treats I discovered lately as well as throw in some enduring popular matcha desserts.

    1. Tetote Factory’s Matcha Bun – Simply the best


    (You gotta play the video)

    This bun is the best matcha bun you can find in London (as far as I know) The smooth azuki bean paste added the right amount of sweetness to the filling and blended flawlessly with the matcha custard. The bun itself was soooooo fluffy and airy (“pillowy” – quoting one of the comments). It was simply the best🌟 It was not an “explosion of flavours” kinda of delicious but it’s so light and…right!


    2. Sakurado Desserts

    Sakurado opened not long ago but is already pretty well-known amog London Matcha Lovers community (wait, is it a thing? If not there should be one…)


    After trying all of their matcha desserts (all devoured in twenty minutes but let’s not talk about that…) The conclusion is: I think I will marry that Matcha Tiramisu. You don’t get to see a lot of Matcha Tiramisu and Traditional Tiramisu combined in one box! The creaminess is just about right, rich enough but not sickly rich. The moist sponge soaked up coffee liqueur is heavenly! So good…!!!


    3. Unusual Matcha Treats in An Unusual Spot

    Soft Bake Matcha Cookie, Matcha White Choc Kouign Aman, Matcha Croissant, Matcha Maple Cookie, Matcha Cherry Cookie…wait…do those actually exist in London?! WHERE?! Kape & Pan is located inside SOAS University. It not only has some magical matcha desserts that are basically impossible to find in London but also serves South East Asian coffee. By the way they even have Kimchee croissants can you believe it?!!!!  I did receive a comment saying that she couldn’t enter SOAS because they wanted to check student ID. Hahaha good luck my friends, you gotta do whatever it takes to get your matcha fix right?


    4. Vegan Matcha Desserts at Brick Lane Food Hall

    Matcha lovers look what I found for you😄💚!!! Magnificent Matcha Scones 😍(£3)made with organic matcha from Kagoshima, vegan whipped coconut cream and homemade red bean paste👍 Who would have thought matcha scone exists in this world haha😄It really was very delicious. Small but packed with strong matcha flavour, sweet adzuki paste, and some saltiness from the cream. Unexpectedly good! 。 。 。 。 。 #haidozo #shoreditch #bricklane #foodhall #streetfood #matchaholic #scone #matchadessert #adzuki #breakfastlondon #matchalover #matcha #japanesefood #japanesestreetfood #foodiegram #eastlondon #londonfood #londonfoodie #londoncheapeats #tastelondon #eatandtreats #sweettooth #breakfastlover #hiddengems #visitlondon #londoners #igerslondon #抹茶 #抹茶控 #greenteacake

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    Hai Dozo is a vendor at Brick Lane Food Hall that sells Japanese Vegan Food. I tried this Matcha Scone without any high expectation. I was so surprised after the first bite. It’s just a tiny piece but packed with flavours! This innovative take on traditional scone worked exceptionally well! If you are ever in Brick Lane, don’t forget to pay it a visit.


    5. Mochi Matcha Custard Bun at Happy Sky Bakery

    If you followed me for Matcha💚 I apologise for its recent absence in my feed and sincerely offer you this Japanese hidden gem Happy Sky Bakery😍😍😍Their new Mochi Sticky Rice with Matcha Custard WAS SO GOOD I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭 I ate this while it was still piping hot can you imaging how great that was?!!!!!! The sticky rice isn’t actually the chewy kind but it’s so smoooooooth…and CREAMY😭😭😭 the matcha custard wasn’t extremely sweet which is perfect Perfect PERFECT!!! It’s a tiny bun so make sure you eat 10 Ok!? Their regular green tea custard bun (in vid 1) is amazing too even though the bun could have been fluffier (but same custard as the mochi one) just get another 10 of those please. The magical place 👉@happyskybakery and hand model @eatxeatxeat

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    Guys…I did not pick it up from the counter…I picked it up from the baking tray with my bare hands while it was still piping hot hahaha a true warrior I was. It was so worth the risk. When I bit into the hot mochi and matcha custard I must have had a minute of an out-of-body experience lol! To be honest the bread itself isn’t airy enough but the filling…ohhhh my gooooood…


    6. Our All-Time Favourite

    You think this is massive? Well there were FIVE of those on the table…………😝💚🍵🍦Matcha Soft Serve with French Toast at Shackfuyu (and we had matcha cakes afterwards hahahaha) 🍵 With my partners in matcha crime @kitchenelk @kingken_photography @sophie.winfi @bonbonldn @winsey05 and our birthday girl @glofooddiary 🎉😘 。 。 。 。 #matcha #matchadessert #icecream #matchaicecream #topcitybites #toplondonrestaurants #londonfood #dessertgram #japanesefood #eaterlondon #londonfoodie #culturetripfood #抹茶 #eatingfortheinsta #londoncoffeeshops #matchalover #foodforfoodie #eatmunchies #dessertporn #抹茶控 #letsgofordessert #sweettooth #foodpornshare #dessertporn #fatdieme #weekendfun #cheatmeal #softserve #iloveicecream #tastelondon #shackfuyu

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    I don’t think this needs a caption. Whoever has tried know what I am talking about and whoever hasn’t shouldn’t waste time reading caption, go get it now!! NOW! Please!


    7. Matcha Cookie and Matcha Latte at Store Street Espresso


    Store Street Espresso has great matcha latte and matcha cookies at the counter which you don’t usually get in other coffee shops. I wouldn’t say it is a matcha dessert place but it is nice to know where to stop by to grab a yummy cookie. Another place like this is Monocle which serves cakes from Lanka. Speaking of Lanka…


    8. Lanka! LANKA!! LANKAAAAA!


    Any articles on matcha desserts in London, whether an updated version or not, with no mention of Lanka is unacceptable. Words cannot express how much I love Lanka! It now has a new item Matcha Tiramisu. Strong matcha flavour and the right amount of sweetness just as Lanka’s other matcha cakes. Lanka’s matcha desserts have never disappointed me, not even once.


    9. Tsujiri always has something new for us


    Matcha Rice Puff, Matcha Tiramisu, Charcoal Matcha Cakes, and Matcha Swiss Roll…

    Tsujiri always surprises us with some new matcha treats. The struggle is never “to get or not to get” but rather “which one to get” and “how many should we get.”


    10. Healthy Matcha Dishes

    Matcha Chia Bowl at TAB X TAB and Matcha Yogurt at White Mulberries


    I know sometimes people might just want to enjoy the that unique bitterness and healthy benefits of matcha. TAB X TAB uses top quality matcha for its matcha chia bowl and thus it has a very strong matcha taste plus it is not sweet at all! Matcha Yogurt at White Mulberries is great too and comes with a bonus point: the view of St. Katherine dock.


    11.  Lagu Cafe

    #matcha #cake #latte 😭😋 #superb #delicious #Friday

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    This one I haven’t been myself yet but everything looks so authentic and delicious. It seems to have different matcha cakes on the menu! I will update this when I visit, which is…like…in five days lol?


    12. Matcha Croissant at Kaia (The Ned)

    I had a very disappointing experience with Matcha croissants at a Japanese/Korean bakery in London which I prefer not to mention by name but gosh I am still mad at its low quality. The Matcha Croissant at Kaia at Ned is one of the few that actually has matcha filling inside  (is it too much to ask?! London bakers please help matcha lovers here???) The filling is more like custard than cream. For your urgent matcha croissant cravings you can check out here. Also Kova now has matcha croissants as well!


    Hope this is useful for all the hungry matcha lovers in London! There are of course many other places that have matcha desserts, like Roro Patisserie has matcha rolls, Toconoco has matcha cheesecakes, and Pretty Cuppa has matcha affogatto. If your favourite matcha dessert or matcha dish is not mentioned here, please submit it on Top City Bites! If you missed the first Matcha Desserts Guide in London, here is the link 😊:

    Updated 2018: The Ultimate Guide to Matcha Desserts in London



    Thank you so matcha for reading! Let’s nom away!