Emilia’s Crafted Pasta


Pasta is boring!! I hear you cry. Get ready to eat your words… along with a side of pasta of course.

At Emilia’s Crafted Pasta, the humble dough is transformed to deliver a luxurious taste sensation, that will leave you enchanted with wanting more. So much more, that you will require trousers with elasticated waistbands, just so to satisfy your pasta addiction.

The Restaurant

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta is located in the picture perfect St Katherine’s Dock, which is a hidden oasis in the middle of a frenetically busy London city. The venue is quaint and cosy, with an alfresco dining area, which provides magnificent views of the marina.

The Food

What I found impressive about the pastas were that each dish had its own distinctive flavour profiles. There is nothing boring about Emilia’s Crafted Pasta.

The pasta is freshly handmade and crafted on a daily basis, thereby enhancing its quality and texture.

The lush “Smoked Salmon” dish was creamy, smokey and gorgeously filling. The pasta had a subtle al dente consistency, which conjugate perfectly with the flakey, soft salmon.

The “Walnut and Mushroom” pasta was silky smooth, with an earthy undertone, which made for a perfect autumnal dish.

The “Basil Pesto” dish was fragrant and fresh, with a hint of pepper, anise and mint, which delivered both a sweet and savoury taste sensation.


Emilia’s Crafted Pasta offers great homely and comforting food, with a touch of Italian flair, paired with mesmerising views. What more could you ask for?