Dating by dining: how to keep your soulmate satisfied through the medium of food.

    Relationships ay, tricky stuff. Relationships in London; a minefield.

    How do you even meet someone in this day and age? How do you meet anyone when eye contact in public is a straight up taboo. Let’s face it your options are A: through work/ B: on one of the many, many dating apps available to you/ or C: pure dumb luck.

    We’re going to assume that you have met someone, and that they’re nice and you’re pretty smitten. Therefore you wanna impress. You wanna be suave and show that you know how to treat a gal. I got you.

    The first date. AKA: Do we actually like each other and can we maintain conversation for more than three consecutive minutes.

    Ask For Janice, Smithfields

    Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner this quirky little spot’s got you covered. Now I don’t know about you, but I find that easy access to copious amounts of alcohol tends to help cool those first dates nerves and smooth things along. And there’s nothing wrong that taking a little shot, or four, in order for your best you to shine okay. So. Dinner or drinks, this spot has a low key trendy vibe which really does work for a first date. The setting will be buzzing even if you’re not.

    But just in case you want to face the crippling anxiety and reality of city dating sober, Ask For Janice also has an excellent breakfast menu with a whole selection of really neat soft drinks.

    Like cocktails are great, but sometimes I just really want someone to share in my enjoyment of freshly pressed orange juice, you know?

    With most plates from £5-£15 depending on when you’re going, Ask For Janice will not financially break you. And if the date falls flat at least you’ve had a really good meal out of it, and that’s a memory you’ll treasure forever.

    The second date. AKA: This is actually more pressured because we’ve both made the conscious decision to see each other once again and we’re both probably sober this time.

    Delamina East, Old Street

    Congratulations, you’ve made it through to the elusive second date. That’s the toughest hurdle tbh, so well done. Now you need to pick a spot which has that perfect balance of You see? Good call. I am a sound choice thank you and why yes, this is a cosy casual but also urban chic spot which has the subtle suggestions of intimacy.

    Yes. It’s a very specific vibe.

    Delamina East is a very pretty restaurant which has all the hallmarks of a trendy Shoreditch dining experience- but wait, hear me out. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Yes. With that rustic, exposed brick and semi-painted interior? Yes. Are there live plants dotted about? You know what, there are. But how is the food? The food is pretty damn good and the staff are passionate and welcoming, and you’re going to have a great time sharing middle-eastern inspired small plates.

    So whip out the hummus, settle down, and break some bread.

    The one month mark. AKA: We should probably meet each others friends so they can understand where I am spending most of my time.

    Blixen, Liverpool Street

    A really snazzy and, to be fair, pretty classy upmarket joint, you’re stepping up your game. Great for small groups, and with an equally delicious and seasonal brunch, lunch and dinner menu, Blixen is a beautiful all-rounder.

    Their house sodas- in the flavours Rhubarb & chamomile, Pineapple & cinnamon, and Blood orange & balsamic are a pretty good indicator of what you can expect of their menus. It’s all about familiarity but with a twist.

    If you are drinking, the cocktail menu here is particularly good and if you want emotional investment, I suggest you try the Deal Sealer (Buffalo Trace bourbon, blood orange & balsamic cordial, Punt-e Mes.)

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    Brunchin’ at @blixenlondon 🥂

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    Three months and counting. AKA: You should know by now if you actually want to be together and should make it official and IDK maybe you even love one another.

    Mamasons, Camden/Kentish Town

    That blissful period where you are quite happily in your own little universe. You guys are pretty content. You know where you stand. It’s all good.

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    Happy circumstances of being in Camden to do an errand and being by myself meant I could pop in to the gorgeous @mamasonsdirtyicecream, a dessert parlour featuring beautiful treats from the Philippines. I had a milk bun with ube ice cream and stuffed it in my face in an unbelievably undignified way. I expected the place to be rammed with influencers as it has amazing food, cute floral walls, and cosy botanical decor but it was empty! . I wish it’s the sort of thing where I could sit with a friend and take my time and enjoy the ambience but every time I’ve even gone for just tea with a friend my belly has been disruptive. It was a rare spontaneous moment for me— and well worth it! I will dream of coming back and getting to slowly enjoy an ube cocoa.

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    Nothing like a little lazy ice cream grazing, surrounded by natural lighting and every plant known to man.

    Six months and set. AKA: They’re probably the one. And not in a Mark from Peep show way. In a Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago way, okay. Probably definitely the one.

    Mae + Harvey, Victoria Park

    Guess what? You’re still happy. Your every day has been transformed into an elevated level of content familiarity because now you get to do everything you usually would but with the added knowledge that somebody loves you for it.

    Your weekends have evolved into stress free walks in the park, art galleries and discovering new brunch spots- together.

    You won’t find places like Mae+Harvey listed in Timeout or from a Google search of “stuff to do in London” because it’s still a relatively unknown gem.

    Now that the days are getting brighter, and longer, spend some time in the dappled sunlight over pancakes.

    The One Year mark. AKA: You guys are adorable and I bet you have matching sweaters don’t you. It’s okay. No judgment here. I live for co-ordination. Also they’re definitely definitely the one.

    Winter Garden at the Landmark hotel, Marylebone

    And so you have locked one another down. You have emotionally invested and you treasure your other half so very much you want to throw gardenias at them every time they come down the stairs.

    I’m happy for you.

    Find me a more beautiful spot to spend an afternoon lounging around and eating and have my eternal that is, because I’m not sure one exists.

    Afternoon tea or a meal, this art deco and eternally stunning setting is a grand haven better set to a different, simpler time where romance was still a thing. Take them there, revel in their joy.

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    Winter Garden – The Landmark📍 ——————————————— 🔸 Overall rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ——————————————— 🔸 Afternoon tea: warm freshly baked apple & raisin scones with Cornish clotted cream. Traditional desserts: Granny smith apple and salted caramel tart, Valrhona chocolate mousse, blood organs gel, flourless brownie, Hazelnut and coffee opera cake and passion fruit macaroons ——————————————— 🔸 Atmosphere: A very tropical vibe, loved and known for its lovely eight storey glass atrium. —————————————— 🔸 Service: Good service #afternoontea#landmarkhotel#macaroons#scones#goodfood#halalblogger#HGAT#potrait#foodphotography#foodstagram#instagram#instablogger#instalike#instaworthy#imthatgirl#throughmylens @the_landmark_london @halal_girl

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