Wilderness Chips at Mac and Wild Fitzrovia, London: The dirty Fries with a Highland twist

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Wilderness Chips - Top Bite at Mac and Wild Fitzrovia London
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About Mac and Wild Fitzrovia

Mac & Wild is where you should go if you're looking for superb meat and fantastic whiskey cocktails. The Scottish champions, have introduced the world to their grass roots fare, turning sounds of 'yuck' at the thought of haggis, to murmurs of happy 'mmmms' with every bite of their addictive haggis pops. The atmosphere is warm and people are always friendly.

Why is it so special?

This particular side dish is like the American dirty fries phenomenon has a Highland fling with Gerard Butler; roughly put together but very very sexy. Crisp, salty fries are perfectly seasoned, dripping in sticky black isle lager and whiskey sauce that taste almost like BBQ sauce but sweeter and most definitely more addictive, and has the texture of thick, dollop off the spoon KFC gravy (you know what I mean). It's topped with crispy shallots and candied bacon for a little bite. It's always these fries before guys if you ask me.

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