WA Cafe, London: Mont Blanc

Japanese • cosy

Mont Blanc at WA Cafe: Beautifully crafted mont blanc with candied chestnut, whipped creme, and marron cream on a crusty almond frangipane tart

Mont Blanc - Top Bite at WA Cafe London

Why is it so special?

Made with candied chestnut, whipped cream, and marron cream on top of a beautiful almond frangipane tart, this mont blanc from WA Cafe was nutty, subtle, and delightful. The crust on the bottom was crunchy but not crumbly; the whipped cream and marron cream entangled in the most delightful way, creating two different textures and a perfect balance of light and heavy; the candied chestnut was sweet and nutty, but balanced extremely well with the rest of the tart. Every layer of the cake-tart was well constructed and contributed to the making of a beautiful piece of pastry. It truly embodies the beauty of Japanese patisserie.

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Dessert, Outdoor dining, Take-out

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WA Cafe offers Japanese cuisine in a cosy atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : 4.6.

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