Ube Cheesecake at Romulo Café & Restaurant, London: One of London's Best & Most Colourful Cheesecakes

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Ube Cheesecake - Top Bite at Romulo Café & Restaurant London
SNAPSHOT: Great value, Dessert, Open late, Filipino, Cool, Impressing out-of-towners

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About Romulo Café & Restaurant

Romulo Cafe is a Filipino restaurant serving traditional Filipino dishes packed with great flavours and fresh ingredients.

Why is it so special?

I usually always go for cheesecake if I see it as a dessert option so it's fair to say I've had a few over the years but this was certainly one of the best. Not only was it one of the best but it was definitely the most colourful I've had! Romulo Cafe use a purple yam in their cheesecake as the key ingredient which gave an excellent sweet and savoury blend on a delicious biscuit base and topped with fresh coconut. Paired with a spoonful of coconut ice cream, this is a cheesecake for all dessert lovers to tick off your list in London.

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