Tsujiri Matcha House, London: Crispy Sundae

Japanese • chilled

Crispy Sundae at Tsujiri Matcha House: A refreshingly crispy Japanese matcha dessert

Crispy Sundae - Top Bite at Tsujiri Matcha House London

Why is it so special?

This sundae makes up a whole carnival of textures. First of all you have the perfectly smooth matcha ice cream. Next comes the contrast of chewy mochi and soft chestnut. Finishing with a crunchy waffle and rice crispies, this dessert has it all! Not to mention the perfect mix of sweet and slightly more savoury flavours – the perfect strength of matcha coming from the ice cream itself and more savoury flavours coming from the red beans and chestnut.


About Tsujiri Matcha House, London

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Tsujiri Matcha House offers Japanese cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : 4.4.

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