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The Convict - Top Bite at Milk London
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About Milk

Cool Antipodean eatery catering to the Balham crowd

Why is it so special?

The first thing that strikes you about Milk is how many angles you can approach it via – I chose the back way, which led me past an L shape window, past an awning and into a door that said "please use other door". Maybe it was my hurry to get in and grab a seat (no reservations taken!) that caused so much confusion. Anyway I was clearly an outsider – having never been so far south of the Thames before. The place was filled with a mixture of people: some mummies, some daddies, some mummies AND daddies, and an injection of youth too (plus, well…me).

My two dining companions slowly wandered in, using the proper door too, just to show me up. "Oh my garrrrd" I exclaim seeing the weekend special of buckwheat pancakes with pistachio cake crumb, lemon curd and some more stuff I didn't read because the hyperventilating had started which set off one of the kids much to the annoyance of a nearby mummy.

We all ordered juice and coffee…both are very good (no oat milk though, only soy and almond – is this the 2000s?? I jest of course, but I can't drink cow's milk which maybe I should have thought of before coming to a place NAMED after my arch nemesis). The menu is extensive, with some meaty dishes, loads of eggs, some sweet plates, and some typical 'Aussie' type ones (eg: sweetcorn fritters).

We went for a selection of meat (the Convict!), sweet (cornbread with miso nutella) and bittersweet (we had to return the fritters as they were covered in a weird tomato salsa which the menu called 'kasundi'). Anyway once that mishap had been fixed it was on with the snarfling – the baked eggs with pumpkin were perfect, the cornbread was quality and the convict deserved to be imprisoned….in my stomach. All of it was delicious.

The vibe and decor are also fantastic, it's open, spacious and bright, and they have a takeaway section for coffee and cake (lamingtons naturally) if you're in a hurry. So all in all a great place to go. And in the famed words of that immortal thesp from Australia "I'll be back…" Oh, he was Austrian? Ok never mind.

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