Take-away Qing Tuan at Shanghai Supper Club

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Take-away Qing Tuan at Shanghai Supper Club:

Take-away Qing Tuan - Top Bite at Shanghai Supper Club

Why is it so special?

Qing Tuan!!! IN LONDON!!! 😭 For those who don’t know: They are sticky rice balls made of glutinous rice and mugwort and stuffed with red bean paste or dried pork floss and salted duck egg yolk. A typical food around Qingming Festival because mugwort only grows in this season. I almost cried when I know they exist in London. My grandma used to dig out mugwort in the garden and make sticky rice treats out of it. It was one of the best childhood memories❀ Chen Li (a Chinese professor) talked about Qing Tuan in a radio program. He said Qing Tuan was invented because there is a periodical gap between eating up the winter food storage and the next harvest season. Qing Tuan itself is a manifestation of farmers’ creativity. Anyways these Qing Tuan’s mugwort herbal aftertaste was exceptional!!! Where do they even find mugwort in London?! I still finished all of them in 15 minutes…Heaven does exist guys. Shanghai Supper Club is making Qing Tuan on takeaway till 5th April, get they quick!

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Dessert, Outdoor dining

About Shanghai Supper Club,

Shanghai Supper Club offers Chinese cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in . It’s a great restaurant for impressing out-of-towners. : .

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