Sichuan Vegetable Dumpling at The Duck and Rice

££ • Chinese • Buzzing vibe

Sichuan Vegetable Dumpling at The Duck and Rice: A little taste of China in every dumpling

Sichuan Vegetable Dumpling

Why is it so special?

There is Sichuan food and then there is Sichuan food, these dumplings are the later. It starts off just as a regular vegetable dumping and then all of a sudden you feel the heat. The Sichuan pepper is very prominent but not so much that you're gasping for air and scrambling for a glass of water. Normally you would finish a dumpling this size in one but here you eat half and then dip back into the sauce they are served in.

About The Duck and Rice, London

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The Duck and Rice is perfect for taking out-of-towners. The vibe is Buzzing, it's great value and its got an amazing Google rating with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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