Ricotta Pancakes at Granger and Co., London: Mouthwatering!

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Ricotta Pancakes - Top Bite at Granger and Co. London
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About Granger and Co.

Every Bill Granger restaurant created the perfect, sunny, easy-going, generous Australian brunch. Bill Granger opened his first restaurant in Sydney in 1993. It soon became known for its legendary breakfasts. Twenty five years later, Bill’s restaurants can be found in Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Honolulu and London.

Why is it so special?

You can find the Australian Granger and Co. restaurants in Chelsea, Clerkenwell, Kings Cross and of course, my favourite-Notting Hill.
The perfect easy-going legendary Sunday brunch! My personal favourites? Scrambled eggs followed by some very well deserved ricotta pancakes after a long week at the office (and of course an early yoga Sunday session) Definitely worth the queue!
I would recommend it in a hear beat.

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