Red Bean Sesame Ball at Far East Restaurant

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Red Bean Sesame Ball at Far East Restaurant:

Red Bean Sesame Ball - Top Bite at Far East Restaurant London

Why is it so special?

Far East has always maintained its high reputation among my Chinese friends. This is where we hit when we crave for Chinese pastries. Today we were just having our routine Chinese food fix and we started debating where Maqiu (this sesame ball) came from. From Shanghai? Canton? Well, it didn’t really matter anymore as soon as we started eating. Those deep-fried Glutinous Rice Balls have tiny bit sweet red paste inside and they are extremely chewy and sticky. You might actually get tired of chewing but I doubt if you can stop eating. Now the question is no longer its origin, it’s how many more should we get?

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Breakfast/Brunch, Open late

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Far East Restaurant offers Chinese cuisine in a cosy atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a quick bite. : 3.2.

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