Pizza East Portobello, London: Mac & cheese

Italian • chilled

Mac & cheese at Pizza East Portobello: More cheese than pasta.. that's when you know the ratios are right!

Mac & cheese - Top Bite at Pizza East Portobello London

Why is it so special?

There's no denying that Pizza East do a seriously good pizza, but they are SO much more than a good sourdough base! With brunch, wonderful Sunday roasts and a huge selection of antipasti, they've got you covered no matter what you fancy.. but this mac & cheese was something else – an absolute must-order!

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Lunch/Dinner, Vegetarian, Open late, Take-out

About Pizza East Portobello, London

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Pizza East Portobello offers Italian cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : 4.1.

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