Pig's Head on Toast With Gravy at Blacklock Soho, London: Pulled pork taken to stratospheric new levels of flavour.

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Pig's Head on Toast With Gravy - Top Bite at Blacklock Soho London
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About Blacklock Soho

Blacklock is the epitome of cool. It's interiors are chic, downtown, meat packer district, New York vibes. The staff are cooler than the garms from a Carhartt shop and friendly af. But most importantly, Blacklock is a place for meat eaters. There's no pussyfooting around, they do big slabs of pure meat cooked as it should be, over fire.

Why is it so special?

Just after we finished ordering, I threw a quick curveball and asked for the Pigs Head on Toast with Gravy, firstly because I like a challenge and secondly, gravy. I have not even an ounce of regret ordering this baby. The meat was like pulled pork, but more juicy and squealing with flavour, the chillis were pickled so barely lit a torch in your mouth but the acidity cut perfectly through the tender meat. Go heavy on the gravy, because as you eat it, slowly seeps down into the toasted sourdough slice, leaving you with bites of spongey bread soaked in perfectly concocted gravy.

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