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PAULfresco picnic at PAUL: Picnic with PAUL

PAULfresco picnic - Top Bite at PAUL

Why is it so special?

If like me you love a picnic but not the hassle of making the sandwiches or various treats then Paul Bakery has you covered with a DIY picnic for 2 at a bargain £18. There is a great selection from a sandwich, salad or quiche each, a packet of crisps each, a tart or large macaron each and a drink each. Plus you get a reusable tote bag which also doubles up as a picnic blanket on which you can lay your picnic items.

This is an amazing deal and perfect if like me you are indecisive or often get carried away when deciding on what items to select for your picnic.

We opted for a tuna salad and chicken baguette, the bread was crusty and freshly baked. I loved the Innocent super smoothie which is mad with strawberry, cherry, banana and flax seeds – all the tasty goodness. We also had a chocolate tart and giant macaron which were both a perfect sweet treat for a lovely picnic.

The deal is available in all PAUL bakery’s, all you have to do is decide what to pick and which green spot in London to enjoy your picnic. I headed over to Paddington, where there is also an outdoor screen and deck chairs to enjoy the latest sporting events. Or if you prefer, order online and have it delivered to your picnic destination (London only)

Perfect for this weather where you can enjoy tasty eats in the sunshine. The hardest thing will be choosing which spot in London to enjoy your picnic!

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Lunch/Dinner, Great views, Outdoor dining

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PAUL offers French cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in . It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : .

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