Milk Cool, London: Rainbow soft serve

Asian Fusion • casual

Rainbow soft serve at Milk Cool: The newest and coolest ice cream in London

Rainbow soft serve - Top Bite at Milk Cool London

Why is it so special?

Not ready to let go of summer quite yet? This dreamy rainbow soft serve cone can stack 6 different flavours to create the coolest and probably tallest ice cream you'll be able to find in London. This ultimate cone consists of strawberry, mango, charcoal vanilla, pomegranate, matcha and vanilla. The mango and strawberry are particularly refreshing! Feeling sweet? Add candyfloss around the cone or select from a variety of toppings including frosted flakes and oreo crumbs. Make sure to snap a beautiful shot of this quickly before it begins to tilt, perhaps even with the flower panel they have in the shop!


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Milk Cool offers Asian Fusion cuisine in a casual atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a quick bite. : 5.

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