Guo C, : Peanut Butter Snowdae

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Peanut Butter Snowdae at Guo C:

Peanut Butter Snowdae - Top Bite at Guo C

Why is it so special?

Authentic Asian desserts are finally coming to London! I had this Peanut Butter Snowdae at Guo C, newly opened two months ago. IT WAS SO GOOD AHHHHHHH!!!!! I was like “can we get another bowl” right after we finished this one😭🐷 *oink. We also got their Ginger Milk with red bean which was insanely gingery, creamy, and milky. I kinda hoped they could have been more generous with the toppings but it was so so so so sooooo good😭Asian dessert lovers' paradise❤


About Guo C,

Guo C offers Chinese cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in . It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : .

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