Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake at Delamina Marylebone, Marylebone Lane, London, : Flourless yet flavourfull chocolate desert


Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake - Top Bite at Delamina Marylebone, Marylebone Lane, London
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About Delamina Marylebone, Marylebone Lane, London

Delamina have two branches in London and specialise in small plates from the Mediterranean. A menu that offers predominantly vegetarian options but combined with meat and seafood dishes also are packed full of classic Mediterranean flavours and fresh, seasonal products.

Why is it so special?

My biggest takeaway going to Delamina is that you definitely don't need flour to make a tasty desert. Their flourless chocolate mousse cake was light yet rich with chocolate and highenteden with amarena cherries baked into the dessert to add extra sweetness running through each moutjful. Topped with a salted sesame cracker to add that extra crunch and change in texture, this was an excellent twist on a classic chocolate mousse and I'm sure could not of been improved with flour.

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