Fig and sesame frangipane croissant at Caravan Fitzrovia, London: A Cypriot holiday on a plate

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Fig and sesame frangipane croissant - Top Bite at Caravan Fitzrovia London
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About Caravan Fitzrovia

Caravan is a bright, open and relaxed place to grab a bite or relax with a friend.

Why is it so special?

Oh my days. There are filled croissants, and then there's this. This, my friends, is pastry art. Stunning pastry from the Caravan team as always, with the addition of an inspired seasonal flavour combo. Fig and tahini complement each other so well; sweet, nutty, wholesome. The whole experience felt like being back on the sunny shores of northern Cyprus, just with added pastry crumbs round my mouth! A genuine delight to eat. ⠀⠀

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