Passionfruit Pave at Feya Cafe: A tropical holiday for your palate

Passionfruit Pave - Top Bite at Feya Cafe London

Why is it so special?

This whole cafe is a fruity, floral paradise for the senses, and the counters are filled with pastries that taste as amazing as they look! This was recommended to me by the staff (they've tried all the cakes and they know what's good!) and I was very impressed with the choice. Soft, moist sponge is sandwiched with silky chantilly cream, and passionfruit seeds provide bursts of tangy flavour which perfectly balance the rich filling. Perfect with one of their speciality coffees, and maybe a few other pastries!


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Feya Cafe offers French cuisine in a cool atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for impressing out-of-towners. : 5.

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