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Cinnamon Morning Bun at Brick House Bakery:

Cinnamon Morning Bun - Top Bite at Brick House Bakery London

Why is it so special?

The Infamous Morning Bun❤ I came with curiosity and provocation, thinking “well let’s see if it is really worthy of its reputation.” Guess what, it SO DAMN IS. The astonishingly light dough has a springy and addictive texture. Cinnamon sugar was not sugary at all and may I say it was even “powdery” rather than granulated sugar icing. The pastry cream was so thin but full of flavour. It left me speechless (actually not true, I did say “should we get another one”)…

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Breakfast/Brunch, Outdoor dining

About Brick House Bakery, London

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Brick House Bakery offers British cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a quick bite. The average Google rating is very good: 4.2.

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