Chorizo Scotch Egg & Red Pepper Aioli at The Star of the East, London: Tasty modern twist on a Pub Classic


Chorizo Scotch Egg & Red Pepper Aioli - Top Bite at The Star of the East London
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About The Star of the East

Star of the East is a pub that's over 100 years old in Limehouse which has been beautifully restored in an modern yet traditional setting and a delicious menu to go with it.

Why is it so special?

I am a sucker for a scotch egg on a menu so I was very happy to see it on Star of the East's new small plates on offer. A modern twist to that classic pub dish of spicy sweet chorizo meat instead of sausage was delicious and worked perfectly with a runny yolk centre and red pepper aioli which was one of the nicest side sauces I've had recently. Sprinkling of chives over the top to add extra freshness, this Chorizo Scotch Egg is certainly up there as a favourite small plate of mine in London!

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