Burrata at La Goccia Restaurant, London: Creamy, fresh, simple, as it should be.


Burrata - Top Bite at La Goccia Restaurant London
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About La Goccia Restaurant

La Goccia is part of the Petersham Nurseries group. Based in the very busy tourist trap that is Covent Garden, La Goccia is a little nugget of respite in all of that madness. Situated in Floral Court, it really is a floral haven, try and get there early for a seat in the courtyard surrounded by gorgeous foliage. It hardly feels like central London when you're there.

Why is it so special?

The burrata is exactly as it should be. So many restaurants get it wrong, sitting on top of bitter blood oranges, or pickled carrots, tarnishing its purity. The beauty of a burrata sings a harmonious song with ingredients that are there to compliment, like the light scattering of dried chillis and good olive oil.

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