Brigadiers, London, : Ox Cheek Samosas & Vindaloo Sauce

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Ox Cheek Samosas & Vindaloo Sauce at Brigadiers, London: Perfect Samosa Starter

Ox Cheek Samosas & Vindaloo Sauce - Top Bite at Brigadiers, London

Why is it so special?

As tasty samosa's as I've ever had. Delicious slow cooked ox cheek inside a softly fried pastry coating with a hot but not 'hot hot' vindaloo dipping sauce. This is the ideal way to start your meal at Brigadiers, and maybe end it!

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Lunch/Dinner, Open late

About Brigadiers, London,

Brigadiers, London offers Indian cuisine in a cool atmosphere in . It’s a great restaurant for impressing out-of-towners. : .

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