BBQ Fried Chicken Supreme at Black Roe, London: Colourful, vibrant fried chicken

£££ • Asian Fusion

BBQ Fried Chicken Supreme - Top Bite at Black Roe London
SNAPSHOT: Well Priced, Lunch/Dinner, Open late, Asian Fusion, Cool, Impressing out-of-towners

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About Black Roe

Black Roe is based in Mayfair and offers diners the flavours of the 'Pacific' taking inspiration of Eastern flavours from a number of cultures to create, in my opinion, one of the tastiest menus in London. They offer both an a la carte and a choice of three tasting menus.

Why is it so special?

I love a twist on fried chicken and you probably won't find a more colourful twist in London that the BBQ Fried Chicken Supreme from Black Roe. Topped with chives and chilli tare, the chicken had a crispy coating around softly cooked chicken packed with Asian flavours. The pomegranate and pineapple offered perfect cooling agents against the chilli and is a great dish part of their tasting menu.

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