BaoziInn – Romilly Street 人民公社, London: Spicy Beef Shin Noodles 竹笋牛肉面

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Spicy Beef Shin Noodles 竹笋牛肉面 at BaoziInn – Romilly Street 人民公社: A spice party on the tongue.

Spicy Beef Shin Noodles 竹笋牛肉面 - Top Bite at BaoziInn - Romilly Street 人民公社 London

Why is it so special?

Infused with spicy chilli and zingy, numbing Sichuan pepper, this rich beef broth noodle dish is a satisfyingly warming winter winner. The noodles are springy, the beef is tender, the bamboo shoots are smoky and crisp… if you're a spice fan and a noodle fan, you must try it.

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Lunch/Dinner, Open late

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BaoziInn – Romilly Street 人民公社 offers Chinese cuisine in a cool atmosphere in London. It’s a great restaurant for a casual date. : 4.6.

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