Avocado Sandwich at JOE & THE JUICE

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Avocado Sandwich at JOE & THE JUICE: Definitely Not Your Ordinary Sandwich

Avocado Sandwich

Why is it so special?

If you think “It's just a avocado sandwich, how good can it be” I am afraid you might be wrong.

Their sandwiches are made to order which means they are always fresh and hot from the toaster. When you bite into the hot crunch combined with creamy avocado, juicy tomato, and fresh cheese, you will redefine “sandwich” in your dictionary. In summary, it's healthy, it's quick, and it's tasty.

Tips: The risk (it could be the fun as well) about their sandwiches are…their taste to some extent depends on who is making them. Some Joe & The Juice make less good sandwiches than others lol. I usually go to the Oxford street one, so if you ever feel like a quick but yummy sandwich after crazy shopping in Oxford street, go grab a bite!

Warning: If you like your sandwich soft, probably it is not your type. Others please come for the CRUNCH!

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JOE & THE JUICE is perfect for work lunch, when you are on the run, healthy food. The vibe is Loud, and its got a good Google rating with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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