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Cookies & Cream pie at A Pie Party: A dream comes true for oreo fans

Cookies & Cream pie - Top Bite at A Pie Party

Why is it so special?

Victoria Park Market has gradually become my favourite food market in London, especially when you get quality traders like A Pie Party who does amazing pies like nutella pie and the one in the picture, Cookies & Cream pie.

My first visit to A Pie Party at Victoria Park Market was on a snowy weekend few months ago in March and as a massive oreo fan, my eyes were so attracted by the Cookies & Cream pie that I didn’t want to look elsewhere, just like the very first time I met her.

Fast forward to 4 months later after weeks of begging Claire, Cookies & cream pie was back in the A Pie Party stall as an one-off last weekend and it got me out of bed on a rare occasion on a Sunday.

I did not regret getting up early as the pie was super delicious, just like the very first time I had it. Every single pie I have tried here is very good but my addiction to Oreos means this is still my favourite. Can’t wait for this to come back on a permanent basis (my wallet doesn’t).

RESTAURANT SNAPSHOT: Dessert, Outdoor dining, Take-out

About A Pie Party,

A Pie Party offers British cuisine in a chilled atmosphere in . It’s a great restaurant for impressing out-of-towners. : .

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