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Monday, July 15, 2019

Top Bites

Here are the best dishes that are trending in London right now.

Classic croissant at Darby's is so special because This croissant may look burnt but I PROMISE you it's not; this cute, teardrop-shaped pastry may not have been the most symmetrical croissant I've encountered recently, but my goodness was it lovely. Soft, crisp, and flaky enough to leave a pile...
Burnt apricot Danish at Darby's is so special because Don't be put off by the word 'burnt'- besides I'd say that the term 'griddled' would be more appropriate here. A pan-marked cooked apricot sits atop sugar-adorned pastry; sweet, fruity and flakey, this is everything you want from a good...
Pump Street pain au chocolat at Darby's is so special because The BEST pastry with the BEST chocolate! An absolute treat, and maybe the best pain au choc I've had in London
Burnt honey cake with tonka bean custard at Darby's is so special because Looks can be deceiving; this tiny unassuming honey cake which, when cut, reveals a luscious filling of creamy tonka bean custard. I'd liken the texture to that of a canele; with a sweet and chewy crust...
Rhubarb French toast at The Dairy is so special because Super soft, custardy French toast with a crunchy sugar crust, served with sweet rhubarb and a dainty quenelle of creme fraiche. Topped with thin slivers of candied peel and grapefruit-mint, this is just right for a 'breakfast dessert'!
Salmon with boiled egg at The Dairy is so special because Soft layers of Secret Smokehouse salmon atop Guinness soda brad, served with vibrant pickles and a softly boiled egg. Absolute breakfast luxury.
Crispy potatoes at The Dairy is so special because These very special potatoes come with some dishes at The Dairy, so check if they do with yours- otherwise I beg you to order these on the side. Mandolin-sliced waxy potatoes pressed together in gorgeous layers before being triple cooked...
Asparagus with broad beans at The Dairy is so special because Roasted asparagus spears with smashed broad beans, hazelnut pesto and a poached Cacklebean egg on house sourdough. A gorgeously flavoursome option for veggie diners.
Barbecue pork cheek at The Dairy is so special because Mouthwateringly salty barbecued pork cheek served with mustard greens, crispy potatoes and a soft-yolked egg. Utterly splendid. I'd definitely recommend this to any carnivorous brunchers out there!
Wild garlic pesto focaccia at Miel Bakery is so special because Soft, freshly-baked focaccia generously topped with homemade pesto, wild garlic, pecorino and rocket leaves. An utterly divine lunch option, and big enough to feed two if you fancy a pastry each as well- and who wouldn't!