The Very Best Restaurants In London

You’re eating out today, so what’s the occasion? Got a meeting to get to but fancy some breakfast first? Grabbing a bite with some friends at lunch time? Taking your partner for a romantic meal? Or maybe it’s a birthday treat that the whole family is looking forward to? There might not even be an occasion; it’s just what you do…

Let us tell you where to eat in London

If you want choice, then London has definitely got it; enough to make your stomach plead for some attention while you’re thumbing through your Instagram feed. London is a huge place, and it can seem even bigger when you’re trying to narrow down a list of fifty amazing-sounding restaurants, and all you seem to be doing is adding to it.

So Top City Bites is here to cut out all the flannel and marketing schmaltz and show you great images and honest words from people who eat in the best London restaurants and want to share it with you. But the thing is, we don’t just feature the most popular London restaurants, we know that every occasion calls for something different.

You might want something quick and simple, you might fancy somewhere new you haven’t been before, or how about something challenging and creative? You might be on a health kick or on the hunt for a fresh take on your favourite dish, you might simply want somewhere cheap. Whatever it is, our dedicated army of foodies will have tried it, snapped it, shared it and enthused about it. So come and dig in.

Where are the best restaurants in London?

Fashions change of course, but then some traditions never die, and in the restaurant business the hunger for re-invention is never satisfied. That’s what makes the London restaurant scene so exciting and such a vast area of constant discovery.

So do you want grilled seafood in Piccadilly Circus or modern British cuisine in Covent Garden? Is it time to venture back into Soho and choose between Asian fusion or Turkish mezze? What about some Szechuan street food in Leicester Square or a rustic French bistro in Whitechapel? You can graze over authentic Iberian tapas in Shoreditch or brush shoulders with the uber-hipsters enjoying some hearty Gastro-comfort food in Hoxton.

South of the river you have Battersea, Streatham, Brixton and Peckham all with a fashionable restaurant scene, so you are never more than a couple of tube stops away from a world of new tastes, smells and amazing culinary experiences. So let us tell you about your new favourite London restaurant here at Top City Bites.

Why are the best London restaurants so popular?      

London is one of the most cosmopolitan and multi-cultural cities in the world. It is a stage for the world’s greatest chefs, designers and business people to offer us a global food experience. But we all want different things.

We might be impressed by glitzy, contemporary décor, a few Michelin stars, a varied menu or the fact we can see all the chefs cooking. Some people like new fashions, others just want good, honest, timeless food. We all have friends who like the idea of potentially seeing someone famous, or we might feel more at home with distressed décor and great service from attentive but relaxed staff.

If the food is good we can usually forgive the price, whatever it is. And sometimes it is all about vibe and atmosphere. There are few things more satisfying than sitting back after a great meal and feeling so at home you never want to leave. If a restaurant is trying too hard or the service is natural and the atmosphere is effortless, let us tell you all about it. Get the real verdict direct from the frontline, with Top City Bites.