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Hi, I'm Tash – also known as Tashcakes, a nickname that stuck from my original recipes blog with the same name. I'm a content editor and copywriter by day, and a foodie 24/7. Ask me if you want to know about cakes and desserts (of course), all things matcha and pandan, and East / South East Asian food. And feel free to ask for baking tips too!
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Cannoli - Top Bite at Dolcezza Bonhill London
Cannoli at Dolcezza Bonhill is so special because A fab little hidden gem of a cafe in London. You can choose Nutella, ricotta chocolate chip or pichachio cream-filled cannoli (or like me, go half-half with two!). The cannoli are filled to order, so the pastry stays deliciously crisp and...
Nasi Lemak - Top Bite at C & R Cafe Restaurant London
Nasi Lemak at C & R Cafe Restaurant is so special because Rich curry, punchy spicy sambal, crisp fried fishies and roasted peanuts, firey-sweet achar pickles, and fragrant coconut rice. Be proud of you can finish the whole thing!
Bahelawi Plate - Top Bite at Merkamo Ethiopian London
Bahelawi Plate at Merkamo Ethiopian is so special because Complete with beautiful swirls of rolled-up and sliced fermented injera bread, there's also dhal, okra, spinach and other deliciously marinated grains. Let's not forget the satisfying deep fried doughnut-like dumpling. And it's all just £6.50.
Matcha Bingsu - Top Bite at Gaza Soho London
Matcha Bingsu at Gaza Soho is so special because The shaved ice is super soft and the matcha flavour strong. Extra points for the red bean and matcha jce cream on top, and the option of drizzling over sweet condensed milk!
Sakura Cream Puff Ring - Top Bite at Ichiba London
Sakura Cream Puff Ring at Ichiba is so special because Filled with light whipped cream and adorned with a pickled sakura blossom, this choux pastry treat feels both naughty and angelic.
Raspberry Almond Croissant - Top Bite at PAUL Hampstead London
Raspberry Almond Croissant at PAUL Hampstead is so special because The buttery soft pastry is jam-packed full of aromatic almond frangipane, and studded on the inside with raspberries that have almost melted into everything from the second bake. Pure heaven.
Matcha Crispy Sundae and Yuzu Float - Top Bite at TSUJIRI Matcha House London
Matcha Crispy Sundae and Yuzu Float at TSUJIRI Matcha House is so special because The zingy-smooth yuzu float and the Tsujiri signature crispy sundae, both 1.8 strength matcha at Tsujiri's Chinatown branch. If you're a matcha lover, you can't miss this place.
Matcha UFO Pan - Top Bite at Gu Choki Pan
Matcha UFO Pan at Gu Choki Pan is so special because Soft fluffy bread filled with soft matcha mochi and matcha custard, baked with a sweet biscuit crust. Gone in a few very happy bites.
Blueberry Tart - Top Bite at WA cafe London
Blueberry Tart at WA cafe is so special because The pastry is so crisp and buttery, and the berries cut through the sweetness of the baked almond filling. A modern twist on the traditional almond tart.
Beijing Roast Duck and Roast Pork - Top Bite at Four Seasons London
Beijing Roast Duck and Roast Pork at Four Seasons is so special because Affordable and delicious, Four Seasons's roast meats have people forming 30-minute queues every day. The meat is tender and the skin is crisp.