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Blue poppy and turmeric waffles - Top Bite at I Will Kill Again
Blue poppy and turmeric waffles at I Will Kill Again is so special because A waffle that combines the best of the best featuring melted nduja and rose harissa for a bit of spice, burrata and baba ganoush for the creaminess, blue poppy seed and pomegranate for the crunch...
Peanut butter french toast - Top Bite at Opso London
Peanut butter french toast at Opso is so special because French toast slathered with a generous layer of creamy peanut butter and 2 huge scoops of salted caramel ice cream. Not quite sure if this is brunch or dessert but slices of banana makes it healthy right?
Very Berry Pancakes - Top Bite at Opso London
Very Berry Pancakes at Opso is so special because Why bother with a full stack when one is so perfect. Fluffy pancake topped with marscapone cream cheese,strawberry jam and frozen berries to add that magical touch.
Souffle pancakes with honeycomb butter - Top Bite at Fuwa Fuwa Café London
Souffle pancakes with honeycomb butter at Fuwa Fuwa Café is so special because An amazing invention by the Japanese combining soufflé and pancakes to create a fluffy dream. So light it melts and that honeycomb butter is luscious.
Volcano Egg - Top Bite at Dokke London
Volcano Egg at Dokke is so special because A crispy fluffy charcoal egg volcano with a runny yolk for lava on top of some crispy kale, sriracha sauce, edamame and other goodness on top of chilli bread. Great flavors and textures through it all.
Zebra - Top Bite at Dum Dums Donutterie London
Zebra at Dum Dums Donutterie is so special because I was skeptical about the cronut and figured why ruin 2 great individuals but this pairing is delicious. Light flaky croissant layers filled with smooth chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache.
Spiced beetroot hot chocolate - Top Bite at Friends of Ours London
Spiced beetroot hot chocolate at Friends of Ours is so special because I couldn’t make up my mind between 2 drinks so they offered to combine it all and I ended up with a chilli, earl grey, honey and spiced beetroot hot chocolate. Surprisingly it all works and the...
Fried ricotta ravioli - Top Bite at Passo Restaurant London
Fried ricotta ravioli at Passo Restaurant is so special because This dessert at Passo looks underwhelming in the photo but certainly isn’t. It arrives perfectly warm and the crunchy exterior gives way to a soft abundance of filling when you bite in to it. Smooth creamy ricotta has been...
The Naughty One - Top Bite at Happy Endings London
The Naughty One at Happy Endings is so special because So much naughtiness in this little sandwich. The pairing of salted caramel and miso is a new one but works to not only give it flavor but a creamy thick texture to sit in between the layer of chocolate...
Oreo French Toast - Top Bite at Half Cup London
Oreo French Toast at Half Cup is so special because I have never come across French toast presented so beautifully. 4 layers of soft and warm toast topped with a dollop of Nutella mascarpone cream and Oreos. All served in a plate full of crushed Oreos and berries. Surprisingly...