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Thornback Ray - Top Bite at Lyle's London
Thornback Ray at Lyle's is so special because I love trying new things, and stingray was quite the gastronomic adventure. I have to admit, I Googled 'thornback ray' just to confirm my suspicions. Any hesitations were out the window, it was such a beautiful texture, meatier than bream or...
The evergreen cuisine that will never go out of fashion, and in London, the pasta-bilities are endless!
Where to go to celebrate your birthday now that you’re too old for a Pizza Express’ pizza making party.
Singaporean Chilli Crab - Top Bite at Rasa Sayang Restaurant London
Singaporean Chilli Crab at Rasa Sayang Restaurant is so special because The chilli crab is a bit of a monster for one person, or even two. But that's exactly how it should be. It's sweet but savoury with perfectly cooked, silky egg running through the bright red and incredibly...
London may not have claimed the top spot, but it was a pretty good night for the capital's dining scene overall.
Festivals aren't just about the music nowadays, most of them are embracing awesome food offerings. It's what the people want!
When the sun shines it's shy face on the city, whatever the temperatures, Londoners will shed their layers and take to the alfresco dining spots.
Pig's Head on Toast With Gravy - Top Bite at Blacklock Soho London
Pig's Head on Toast With Gravy at Blacklock Soho is so special because Just after we finished ordering, I threw a quick curveball and asked for the Pigs Head on Toast with Gravy, firstly because I like a challenge and secondly, gravy. I have not even an ounce of...
Wilderness Chips - Top Bite at Mac and Wild Fitzrovia London
Wilderness Chips at Mac and Wild Fitzrovia is so special because This particular side dish is like the American dirty fries phenomenon has a Highland fling with Gerard Butler; roughly put together but very very sexy. Crisp, salty fries are perfectly seasoned, dripping in sticky black isle lager and...
Chips with feta - Top Bite at PITTABUN London
Chips with feta at PITTABUN is so special because PITTABUN take huge pride in make everything from scratch, including the hand cut french fries - and that's no typing of a lie as the waitress's eye roll (in jest) tells me she's put in a few shifts. These chips...