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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Latest Top Bites

Beef Brisket at Smokestak is so special because The meats here are cooked and seasoned to perfection. If you’re a meat lover, you’ll not be disappointed!
Snow Crab Spring Rolls at Black Roe is so special because Takeaway spring rolls will become redundant after tasting these from Black Roe. Filled with fresh prawns, shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and wasabi, this dish from their tasting menu gives you the most delightful burst of modern Eastern flavours....
Jerk Chicken & Chips at Prince of Peckham Pub is so special because What goes better together that chicken and chips? Well, the answer is jerk chicken and chips. White Men Can't Jerk's Jerk Chicken & Chips from their snack menu is packed full of heat, spice and flavour...
Grocer's Afternoon Tea at Whittard of Chelsea (Covent Garden Store) is so special because Not my first afternoon tea but my first time at Whittard's and was very impressed. There were 4 afternoon tea's to choose from and went for the Grocer's Tea on their recommendation for two people....
70% dark hot chocolate at Rabot 1745 is so special because Luxuriously creamy, richly flavoured hot chocolate made with Hotel Chocolat's signature 70% dark chocolate (none of that powdered rubbish here!) topped with a mountain of softly whipped cocoa cream. Just heavenly.