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Friday, August 23, 2019


Latest Top Bites

Pea and Summer Vegetable Ragu at 10heddon street is so special because Light, refreshing and utterly delicious, this bowl certainly took me by surprise. Topped with geranium flowers for extra colour, this dish tastes just like summer should. A great option for if you're looking for a healthier way...
Premium Omakase at Hot Stone Steak and Sushi Bar is so special because This dish ticks all the boxes. Mouthwatering flavourful fish that melts in your mouth. They use 100% real Japanese wasabi which is a must try.
Aburi Otoro sushi with uni at Dozo Sushi is so special because This fatty tuna is lightly torched and is topped with sea urchin. The tuna itself is already so fatty and rich, eating it together with the sea urchin just enhances its flavour and texture.
Chick Frito Tacos at Edū Union Street is so special because Fried chicken tacos. Possibly three of my favourite words coming together in one dish. Edu's tacos are delicious and their fried chicken ones are my favourite topped with pickled cucumber and their bravas sauce. Definitely one to...
BBQ Pork Belly Burnt Ends at Brewhouse & Kitchen - Hoxton is so special because This was one tasty BBQ dish from Brewhouse & Kitchen. I've never had pork belly burnt ends before but these were delicious with a BBQ dip alongside which was warming with a slight spice...