So Roganic is back.

If you don’t know the history, Roganic was a highly successful two year pop up restaurant from chef Simon Rogan, he of two star L’enclume and one star Fera. When it closed a lot of people were truly heartbroken as it was a favourite amongst diners, foodies and critics alike.

Well no worries, because with a new and permanent Marylebone location, it’s back and brings with it very much the same suave style and dishes which were so well received the first time round.

How do I order?

From the menu, I presume, but it’s easy don’t worry. There is no a la carte, and instead you have the choice of a long or short tasting menu, or the set business lunch. That’s it.

What am I eating?

Dishes are comprised of the best of British; foraged herbs and foliage, seasonal produce grown only in very small quantities on Rogan’s very own farm, and the very best responsibly sourced game. Think douglas fir and burnt milk, dry aged meats and a curious use of whey; dishes that are a pleasure to read first and eat second.


Varies. The full tasting menu will set you back £115, but the shorter, snappier, business lunch is only £40 and is very much a full dining experience too. With a constantly shifting menu, there’s no monotony here. You might very much find yourself becoming something of a regular.

Why should I go?

It’s bound to be a future Michelin winner, so if you’re into exciting and completely unique modern cooking, you should book for a meal before the prices go up (as they’re bound to as soon as the accolades start rolling in).