Let me tell you about the new all day eatery in Mayfair called Popina.

To my shame, I am not familiar with portobello road market. I have never been there. But if you do know it, then you’ll have no doubt crossed paths with Popina before. Owner Isidora Popović has been a trader there- and all over London for the last 20 years.
And, fortunately for me, plus everyone else in London, Popina has now opened their first permanent location.

It is a banger.

Because today is a day for indulgence. Happy Easter from Popina 🐣

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Located in the heart of Mayfair- about three minutes walk from Bond Street- this beautiful space is bound to become a regular haunt for every lifestyle blogger ever. Delicious & photogenic as heck food, achingly satisfying latte art for my aesthetic soul, and streams of natural lighting; it’s perfect.

An all day eatery, Popina cater to pretty much all your needs- just want a coffee? Or something light? Brunch? Cake? It’s chill, take a seat and enjoy. Or take away and enjoy at home.

Like Ottolenghi and Honey & Co, there’s a beautiful display of fresh, colourful options and if you struggle making decisions then you are going to spend a lot of time here. Or just buy one of everything.

The feta & spinach bourek is hands down the best bourek I’ve had in London; crisp, golden filo, filled to the brim with a perfectly seasoned, perfectly balanced mix.

Feta & spinach bourek, seasonal salad, delicious. I am feeling the sunshine tbh.

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I struggle to choose which cake to try, because it all looks so good. Eventually Jovan, husband of Isidora and runner of the eatery (whilst his wife is the creative kitchen genius), recommends the carrot and my god, what a slab. It’s huge, and delicious. Moist, studded with walnuts, filled with naturally tart cream cheese; just so darn satisfying.

How a weekend should be spent.

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We also go for the truffle brownie, a Popina signature bake. Dense, coated in cocoa, it’s rich and the perfect accompaniment to a coffee. Shout out to their barista also, because the flat white is perfect.

If it sounds like I’m fan girling over Popina, it’s because I am. I’m very lucky to meet amazing people all the time when searching for great places to dine, and the team behind Popina are no exception. This is absolutely going to become a favourite stop for me- it’s such good value for money, and just the kind of spot central London needs.

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