Little Kolkata, Covent Garden

Bengali Brunching in Zone One.

So I’ll be honest; what do I know about Bengali cuisine? Very little. I do know food though- good food, and the food at Little Kolkata isn’t just good, it’s great.

The origins of this cosy space, tucked on the outskirts of Covent Garden away from the hustle bustle, is adorable. A supper club, originally, hosted in the flats of the two founders, launched because they were homesick and missing the flavours of home.

Constantly sold out. Constantly in demand. Constantly on the hit lists of bloggers and foodies everywhere. Eventually they gave into that demand and Little Kolkata was born.

Whilst both lunch and dinner offer affordable, filling offerings, it’s the new weekend brunch menu we’re here to try. And yes, it comes with bottomless refills of your chosen beverage.

Opting for prosecco and a delicious mango & saffron lassi, the vibes here are very relaxed and time slips by. The staff are super friendly, the owners heavily involved (we’re welcomed by Prabir, one of the founders) and it’s easy to see why Little Kolkata has so easily slipped into both the London food scene and the hearts of those residing here.

Brunch is served quickly, and the portions are both generous and colourful. The thali is a traditional metal tray which holds an assortment of dishes, sauces and accompaniments. Ours is filled to the brim with a variety of deliciously moreish goodies. Chilli cheese on toast, minced lamb with poached quails yolk, green pea paratha, banana flower croquette, fruit salad and more dips than you can count (unless you can count past four).

At 21.95pp, it’s quite the steal.

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