Fuwa Fuwa, Stratford Westfield

Japanese souffle pancakes are heeeeeere in London! Thanks to Fuwa Fuwa.

Guys. Guess what.
I’m so excited to be writing this article, because it means that the deal I made with the devil worked.
Japanese souffle pancakes have finally come to London.

What are Japanese souffle pancakes, you cry? Well if they’re done right, they are pillow soft, super adorable and delicious fluffy pancakes which you can then douse in a whole variety of toppings. They’re like the best bit of a souffle, or a soft, feathery chiffon that’s been griddled. They’re wonderful okay.
And now they’re here!

Fuwa Fuwa- which is onomatopoeia for the sound a fluffy pancakes makes- has just opened in the Westfield at Stratford. And they are everything I could dream of and more.
Super light and the perfect vessel for gluttony, I have a horrible feeling that it would be so so easy to eat multiple stacks in one sitting. AND for this week only- they are 50% off their soft launch, how’s that?

With staple flavours like matcha, and miso caramel coming up, Fuwa Fuwa is bound to be the hit of the summer. Trust me, you’re going to wanna get ahead of this craze before it gets real crazy.

Go. Go now.