Feya: A Pastel Paradise in Mayfair

London has no shortage of beautiful spots to eat and drink, but this latest very photogenic cafe is something rather special.

Feya (pronounced FEE-ya) is a beautiful new patisserie and cafe in Mayfair, located in the foodie hotspot of St Christopher’s Place. It’s the brainchild of chef Zahra Khan, whose aim is to serve decadent treats as well as wholesome superfood in a stylish and welcoming cafe.

Take a seat at the white marble bar, or get comfy in a plush, pink suede chair. An expanse of blossoms and golden butterflies cover the ceiling, and the tables are set with incredible attention to detail; floral bronze terrariums and dainty bespoke cutlery ensure the tables are as photogenic as the food. Speaking of which, oh my! A colourful array of cakes and patisserie fills the counter tops, with everything from delicate meringues and financiers to luxurious red velvet cakes and passionfruit pastries. If you’re feeling spoiled for choice, the staff are very knowledgeable and more than happy to help you choose something you’ll love.

With so much on offer I couldn’t just have one thing! To begin, I had the Passionfruit Pave, which was an amazing combination of cream, soft sponge and tangy passionfruit, followed with some tiny, gold dusted chocolate brownie bites. The custard mini-cronut was a gorgeous combination of smoothness and crunch, and would be the perfect mini treat for someone who doesn’t have too much of a sweet tooth. If you’re a fan of traditional patisserie then the raspberry macaron is ideal; tender macaron shells sandwich a moussy filling surrounded by fresh raspberries.

When you realise you can’t actually eat all the pastries you ordered, (did this happen to me? maybe??) the staff are more than happy to box them up for you to take away. Perfect if you fancy a bit of late-night indulgence when you get home, or if you’re feeling generous the pretty floral boxes would make a welcome gift for a hungry friend.

If you have the rose avocado toast and rainbow smoothie first, surely that balances out the chocolate macarons you’re planning to have for afters?

Minutes away from Oxford street and Bond Street station, Feya is ideally placed for a sweet pick-me-up mid shopping trip, or to grab a few treats on your way home.

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