A Cheesy Celebration at Heritage’s Launch Party

Of Swiss cheese, chocolate fountains and killer cocktails…

Melted raclette cheese in one corner. Melted chocolate fountain in the other. A well-stocked bar front and center. It sounds like heaven, and Heritage came pretty close at their launch party.

After a successful soft launch period, they officially opened with a bang on the evening of Thursday 11th July. The party featured a raclette station, where guests could pick ‘n’ mix pickles, potatoes and cold cuts before having hot, molten cheese scraped straight from a bubbling cheese wheel onto their plates, and also a mini barbecue station with steak, shrimp and more.

For afters, there was a chocolate fountain station, with a pick ‘n’ mix table this time laid out with fruits and cakes ready to be skewered and run under the sweet, silky fountain.

And just in case all of that doesn’t sound sexy enough, there was bubbly abound and expert bartenders creating amazingly-mixed cocktails, from the classic negroni to a zingy candied yuzu and shiso number.

And a cocktail ice artisan sculpting huge, crystal-clear slabs of ice into diamonds.

Inspired by Swiss cuisine, Heritage certainly opened in style. Visitors can expect fondue, rosti, a very impressive wine list and very swish, sophisticated interiors. I look forward to returning for a sit-down meal sometime soon.