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Sunday, October 21, 2018
Something savoury, something new, something sweet. Here are 5 new openings in August to give a try with friends to enjoy in the sunshine!
100% egg, dairy and gluten free, this allergy friendly cafe has something (delicious!) for everyone!
With soft Swing music and tiled floors, this atmospheric little gem of a restaurant will transport you from west London to the hills of Tuscany.
New month, five new places to go and try from Fried Chicken to Indian BBQ!
London has no shortage of beautiful spots to eat and drink, but this latest very photogenic cafe is something rather special.
Here are the best new restaurants to try in London this month from high end to just great food. Let's kick off with a great new spot called...
There is a W1 postcode, a name inspired by the Hindu God Lord Vishnu and a desire to serve you the flavours that characterise India...
Let me tell you about the new all day eatery in Mayfair called Popina, okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new floral cafe in town. And it is just what dreams are made of: heaps of flowers and unicorns (or unicorn lattes).
A new Japanese cake shop & cafe right in the heart of Putney Bridge.