London Brunch Fest 2019 – Event Info & Interview

    London Brunch Fest is back for 2019! We speak to the event’s founder and find out what’s in store this year.

    It’s back! If you haven’t been made aware – last summer saw the UK’s first ever brunch festival in London and we are happy to say that it is back at the end of the month on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

    This was a real hit with foodies last year and it’s going to be much bigger than its inaugural event in 2018. With a large selection of brunches to taste from around the world including newbies Matcha Works and Kombucha Kat, an ESPRESSO MARTINI BAR and a marketplace selling brunch and breakfast treats. However, this year see’s the introduction of ‘Sweet Street’ which is an area dedicated to delicious, sweet brunch street food, a must go-to of the event.

    Additionally, there will be events including talks, panel discussions and workshops for those attending to enjoy and get involved in on the day.

    After speaking last year, I sat down with Ian Carpenter again – London Brunch Fest founder – to get his thoughts just under a month ahead of the festival to see how planning was going, how the festival will work and who should I be looking out for/head straight to first!

    LS: Hi Ian, great to speak with you again. How has it been since last year?

    IC: Hi Liam, in one word, busy! We had a great reception from last year and have been working since then on this year’s event to make it bigger and better then 2018. We have double the amount of brands involved compared to last year so expect more choice and food options on the day!

    LS: Sounds great! What can people coming expect on the day?

    IC: There will be a similar format to last year with loads of different food stools to try from. We have a brand new Espresso Martini bar, which is a must try. We’ll also have DJs playing as people will be shopping from the market place and a number of talks from brunch specialists for people to enjoy.

    LS: Can’t wait. I loved the layout last year and was plenty of choice. What would you recommend I try that’s new this year?

    IC: Definitely head over to ‘Sweet Street’. This is the main new attraction of the event compared to last year which is for sweet deserts and sweet brunch dishes which is something a bit different than just brunch food. We’ve got Instagram famous ‘A Pie Party’ and other sweet treat brands there so will be some popular choices I’m sure.

    LS: Love A Pie Party so I’ll definitely be going there. Are any of the brunch organisations doing any special dishes to be aware of?

    IC: Each brunch headliner will be doing a ‘Brunch Fest’ dedicated brunch dish only for the festival so would make sure you check those out as won’t be on their usual restaurant menus such as Brother Marcus.

    LS: Will look forward to having a look at those then! Are you still working with the same charity partner?
    Yes we are still working with Magic Breakfast who will be discussing their programme which aims to give healthy breakfasts to children across the country in school. A donation from each of our tickets sold will be donated to Magic Breakfast to help give a breakfast to a child as we did last year and this year, a percentage of each meal will be donated as well to help make a difference.

    LS: That’s a great cause and will make sure I find them to hear their talk. Finally – and most importantly! – who should I definitely look out for?

    IC: I don’t think I can name just one! There are so many different and tasty places on offer and would definitely recommend checking out our website and Instagram page for updates of those food places which will be the day.

    LS: Will do Ian and thanks for your time. Good luck with the final planning and looking forward to attending later this month!

    I had a look over and here are a few of the ones which took my eye to look out for at Brunch Festival across Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st September!

    Soderberg – Famous Swedish café specialising in their classic Swedish open sandwiches

    Avobar – London’s dedicated avocado restaurant had to be here with their avocado inspired brunch dishes

    Brother Marcus – Balham’s Brunch specialists are joining this year with range of brunch plates to try

    A Pie Party – New to this year is A Pie Party with their selections of brownies, cheesecakes and more sweet treats!

    It’s definitely an event I am looking forward to and you can find out more information at the following links. Tickets are still available for both Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon sessions so get them now to not miss out!

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