The Coal Shed

I have lived in London my entire life, yet this wonderful city never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have seen all that London has to offer, I can guarantee you that you are liable to come across some hidden gem that will make you giddy as a school kid.

One such hidden gems is The Coal Shed, which can be found in the newly developed One Tower Bridge area. Enjoy stunning views of the Thames and Tower Bridge, along with the best that British cuisine has to offer.

The Coal Shed sets a warm and cozy ambiance with its smoky mirrors, antique ornaments and large windows, which provide ample natural lighting.

The Coal Shed does not offer any Halal meat options, but the pescatarian and vegetarian options are magnificent.

For starters the Devon Crab on Toast was a posh version of cheese on toast, and who doesn’t love the epicurean, comforting taste of cheese on toast with a smothering of gorgeous, fresh, sweet crab.

For mains, it would be a crime to not try the “Monkfish”, which has a similar texture to lobster, so it was delectably meaty, yet soft and hedonistically sublime.

The “Cauliflower” dish was presented exquisitely and was bursting with flavour. Most vegetarian dishes usually leave me still feeling hungry, yet it was filling and easily satisfied my ravenous hunger.

For dessert the Ruby Chocolate Bar was stunning; sweet, sour and decadently divine.

One of the reasons why I love London so much is because of great restaurants like The Coal Shed. Highly recommend a visit to The Coal Shed, you won’t be disappointed.