Showaken, Piccadilly Circus

Last month saw Showaken open its doors to London for their tasty bowls of ramen.

Across London in recent years, one of the biggest growing foodie trends would definitely have been the love and demand for tasty ramen bowls. Fortunately, London has a new ramen bar in the form of Showaken to fill that demand on Panton Street just by Piccadilly Circus.

Showaken has been launched by Japan Centre with their shop next door to the ramen bar and have a nostalgic and retro throwback in their interior design to 1970s Tokyo ‘Showa’ era. With a more relaxed and ‘quick bites’ feel, this is the ideal spot for a tasty bowl of noodles.

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🏮🏮Come and experience the amazing aromas and atmosphere of classic ramen dining at our new retro ramen bar SHOWAKEN!🏮🏮 . Enjoy a hearty welcome to the cosy street food haven above our Panton Street store and slurp up authentic Tokyo Shitamachi Ramen. 🎏❤️🍜 . 懐かしい昭和の時代を体現したラーメン店「昭和軒」。100%真心入り、熱々の一杯をご用意しています! . . . #showaken #ramen #London #showakenramen #ramenbar #japaneseramen #tokyoramen #misoramen #soyramen #shitamachi #ramenshop #piccadilly #londonramen #authentic #noodles #昭和軒 #レトロラーメン #ロンドン #イギリス #ラーメン屋 #ラーメンバー #下町ラーメン #東京ラーメン #味噌ラーメン #昭和軒ラーメン #拉麺 #伦敦 #拉麺

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But it’s all about the food and for me, it didn’t disappoint. I went for their Tokusei Showaken Ramen bowl and the broth was delicious – a deep rich flavour of soy, chicken and pork broth matched great with the BBQ pork belly and the vegetables which came with was nicely cooked also. There are four other types of ramen bowls to choose and can even supersize your noodle portion for an extra £2 but it’s a pretty generous portion anyway. For anyone keen to try someone new for ramen in London, this is definitely one to go for.