Seven Ultimate Sandwiches for British Sandwich Week 2019

Here are my top seven sandwiches for London as we enter British Sandwich Week 2019 giving you inspiration to try at least one every day this week!

This week is dedicated to sandwiches, the one concept which can be used at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether it’s a lunchtime meal deal, hot and toasted or a gourmet specialty, we’re here to celebrate London’s best sandwiches and here are my top seven to sample.

The Salt Beef One

Monty’s Deli, Hoxton
Price – £13

As Instagramable sandwich photo as you’ll find, it’s all about the Reuben Special. Salt beef, pastrami, yellow mustard and Russian dressing with sauerkraut between two fresh slices of rye bread. What more could you want? This is one for all sandwich fans out there to tick off your lists if you haven’t tried yet and can be found at their original base in Shoreditch and also at Victoria in Market Halls opposite the station.

The Bacon Bap One

Dishoom, Covent Garden
Price – £6.50

I say bacon bap, I should have said bacon naan. Highly regarded as one of the best bacon sandwiches in London, a warm freshly cooked naan bread is filled with chargrilled bacon, cream cheese, chilli jam which is then topped with fresh herbs. With the option to add an egg also for those in need of a yolk with their breakfast, I’d argue and say you don’t need it as this sandwich stands on its own.

The Ultimate One

Max Sandwich Shop, Crouch End
Price – £10.50

When looking for polls of the best sandwich in London, Max’s Sandwich Shop will almost cerntainly be near the top of most of them. Based in Crouch End, Max Halley has pioneered the sandwich market in London by offering four types of sandwiches and the most famous is the Ham, Egg & Chips sandwich are loaded with filling and packed with flavour. If you’ve got room after, try the jalapeno mac n’ cheese balls also.

The Toastie One

Morty & Bobs, Camden Market
Price – £6

On a cold day (or a warm day for that matter), what’s best that a rich melted cheese toastie? Morty and Bob’s are considered the kings of cheese toasties in London and judging by the picture below you wouldn’t argue with that. Their standard toastie comes with mixed onions for just £6 but if feeling hungry you’ve got the option of upgrading to include mushrooms and truffle or salami for just slightly more. Whichever your pick, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

The Desert One

Yolkin, Leicester Square
Price – £5.50

Again, if you’re looking for an ice cream sandwich then look for the best and it would be hard to argue against Yolkin for that one. Sammie Le’s Vietnamese inspired ice cream sandwiches use macaron’s, every colour of the rainbow and an inclusion of Asian flavours such as matcha oreo. If you haven’t tried yet then as summer is fast approaching, you’ve never had a better opportunity to.

The Eastern One

Katsu Wrap, Petticoat Lane Market
Price – 5

When I say East, I don’t mean East London, I’m talking about inspirations from the Eastern world. It just happens to correlate that the best you can find is by Liverpool Street from Katsu Wrap offering their, yes you guessed it, chicken katsu wraps. Now I know it’s not a sandwich but I couldn’t leave it out! £5 for the tastiest of wraps (sandwiches) in London and all for £5. Looking for your next street food item? Head to Petticoat Lane Market immediately.

The Nordic One

Soderberg Bakery, Soho
Price – £6

Soderberg opened earlier this year in Soho and their signature are tasty goods from their bakery section and delicious ‘open’ sandwiches. However, after straying away from sandwiches with Katsu Wrap, I’ve opted for one of their classic sandwiches, Laxorna. Smoked salmon, homemade mayonnaise topped with dill inside two slices of freshly baked bread. A sandwich in Soho that won’t make you miss your usual meal deal at lunch.

Any sandwiches you think I've missed from the list, get in touch on Instagram at @londonfoodieone!