Romulo Cafe – Filipino Feasting

Romulo Cafe is a hidden gem in London serving traditional Filipino flavours with a modern twist that needs to go top of your list of places to try.

I had never properly had Filipino food in a restaurant. I’ve tried street food vendors in London but they are few and far between so I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to Romulo Café in West Kensington. What I was about to try was one of the most diverse and tastiest food menu’s in London that people are not talking about enough.

Romulo Café is just by Kensington Olympia station or a short walk from High Street Kensington station but those taking the scenic route, you can walk through Holland Park in about 15 minutes from the tube. First of all you walk into a spacious green and black coloured restaurant with pictures showing history and culture from the Philippines as you are seated. Then you open the menu and you get to see what Filipino food really is – excellent choice of meat and fish dishes, range of spices and flavours and vegetarian dishes including jackfruit.

I started with the stuffed squid on a bed of black ink covered in a garlic and annatoo oil which was delicious. Packed with flavour and the squid chargrilled just right was paired perfect with the sticky-like squid ink rice. This was followed by their “Romulo Style” Chicken and Pork Adobo which is a Filipino classic dish, tender chicken thigh and drumstick with pork belly served on sweet potato mash and a generous portion of adobo jus – the sauce was incredible. I also tried their ‘Kensington Fried Chicken’ which was tasty fried chicken with a crispy coating and a great Filipino catsup sauce on the side (I’m a big sauce fan if not already clear!)

All good meals need to end with one great dessert and I think I’ve possibly found London’s best cheesecake. Their ‘Ube Cheesecake’ tasted as incredible as it looked with it’s purple yam filling on a traditional biscuit base topped with coconut was so good I would walk back there just for this again. The food, service and ambience was great and if anyone asks now where should I go for a good meal that isn’t Soho or Shoreditch, Romulo Café is top of my list.