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Peckham Levels is finally open and if, like me, you have a terrible sense of direction then good news guys! It’s a completely refurbished seven-story car park and you can’t miss it.
So what exactly is it? Well this ex-abandoned multistory that is conveniently located right next to the Peckhamplex (£5 cinema all day every day), has been revived into a cultural hub, community space and hotspot for fantastic food and casual evening craft beer drinking.

With things like craft workshops, Yoga & dance classes, speeches and plenty of other bubbling events in the works, Peckham Levels is full of potential and is well en route to becoming an intrinsic part of the local community.
Already up and running with a great selection of foodie haunts, let me take you through what you can and try for yourself this weekend.


Canard, being the French word for duck, unsurprisingly specialises in just that; confit duck and classical French flavours in delicious street food and easy to eat formats. Think meaty, greasy burgers, duck skin crisps, confit duck toasties and a duck poutine which will leave you drooling for a solid eight minutes. Healthy? No. Worth the calories? You bet.

Hao Hao Chi

A name you might recognise from the food market circuit, Hao Hao Chi finally have a permanent space here at Peckham Levels! Serving up regional Chinese cooking, as opposed to the Cantonese dishes which have become super popular in the London food scene, you can expect to find more complex and unusual flavours. From their spicy gin infused pickles to their Xi’an lamb & cumin meatballs, it’s Chinese street food but not as you know it.

Drums and Flats

From the moment you enter the food court section of Peckham Levels expect to be hit in the face by the most delicious smell of chicken. Wings and thighs, marinated in a selection of their secret recipe sauces, cooked to perfection- perfect alongside a portion of their handcut thick fries. If you like chicken, and even if you don’t, then you’re in luck.

Other Side Fried

And talking of chicken, Peckham Levels is also home to fried chicken specialists, Other Side Fried. It’s very good, very dirty, and very much a treat for literally every one of your senses; their burgers are monstrously big, stuffed with perfectly battered and incredibly tender fried chicken and if you think yourself as a bit of a burger fan then it’s honestly a crime if you haven’t tried one yet from OSF.


This family run food haunt is a fresh take on western cooking meeting Kurdish flavours; borek, falafel, hummus and general mezze goodness, seasoned and spiced to perfection. Their baklava is also not to be missed- sheets of sweet, golden filo like pastry wrapped around date and nut filling, for anyone with a sweet tooth it’s a must have!

Picky Wops

It’s 100% vegan pizza, which could be awful in the wrong hands, but the guys at Picky Wops know how to work a dough, and after just one slice of their incredible pizza you’ll forget all about non-vegan alternatives. Using dairy free alternatives like their homemade cashew mozzarella on interesting and super exciting bases (think cumin, think hemp, think different), having a healthy vegan lunch doesn’t mean you have to simply stick to a salad anymore. As delicious for carnivores as it is for anyone else.

Lords of Poke

Kerb veterans, Lord of Poke now have a permanent spot here at Peckham Levels so you can grab yourself a healthy, hearty bowl of their fresh Californian Poke any day of the week! Rainbow bowls of tasty, zesty cubes of salmon and colourful veg lightly dressed- perfect for brightening up the dull stretch of grey which is January.


And our final foodie spot is an all day canteen that has so much natural light it’s actually a photographer’s dream. This vegetarian & vegan spot has a wonderful menu full of light snacks, delicious brunch dishes and heavier meals- it’s also super fresh and very affordable. It’s rare in London to have a great brunch for two, for under £20. The menu changes often and if you’re going any time soon be sure to try their side potato dish- stacks of incredibly thin slices pressed into firm rectangles and fried to deliciousness.


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The perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend, why don’t you head on down and give Peckham Levels a whirl?