London’s Best Street Food That You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

London is known for it’s many street food spots but this one is my favourite and I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of it – my shout if you have!

London is known for it’s many street food spots Boxpark, Pop Brixton, Victoria Park Markets, Borough Markets, Maltby Street…..the list is pretty endless but some of the best stuff in London is on a random street in Brixton that only locals to the surrounding streets will know about. Even if you are a Pop Brixton regular or spend a lot of time in Brixton village there is a very large chance this place has eluded you too.

On Brixton Station Road there are a few street food vendors who are there every day of the week (except Sunday) and they get their business from locals in the surrounding few streets. The best one of the lot is a little green tent with Senegalese Food written across it. Bhal is the lovely guy behind the table and straight away he grabs you with his smile and friendliness. My favourite is the Yassa which is a chicken curry with lemon, onions, olives and a bunch of spices. What you end up with is juicy tender chicken in an awesome sauce with the added bonus of a few warm olives that have done some soaking! For £6 you get enough to last you the whole day and it is in my top 3 dishes in London. I’m not just saying it for this piece – Bhal and I are on first name basis and have a chat whenever I walk past. He’s a great guy and his food is phenomenal.

The best taste, the best value and the best guy to support. He has a beans dish which is amazing and a beef one which I haven’t tried as I can’t go past the Yassa chicken curry. Make the trip one lunch if you get the chance and get a true local Brixton experience