I don’t know about you, but I’m usually tucked up in bed with my cat by 9pm most nights of the week. Watching Netflix, and eating soup. That’s just how I roll okay.

But every now and then, when I’m living my very best #yolo life, I do occasionally find myself out late and hungry in our lovely city, which makes me wonder- where are the best spots to hit up? The foodie haunts which never close.

Being the kind soul I am, I’ve compiled a list of my personal faves for you to try any day, any time.

Beigel Bake
One of Brick Lane’s absolute staples, Beigel Bake is simply famed for it’s delicious chewy bagels stuffed with salted beef, pickles & mustard. They are hearty, worth the queue, worth the hype and worth the meagre amount they actually cost. It’s always a mild shock to find something that is genuinely a bargain in London, and these bagels are super good value for money!

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Duck & Waffle
It’s definitely a little surreal to be dressed up to the nines, at 3am, eating waffles with a stunning view of the lit up cityscape skyline…whilst a cleaner hoovers up behind you and the restaurant is all but deserted. Whether this is how you want to end your night, or kick it off with a bang, this is definitely somewhere special. And their signature dish (…the duck & waffle) is super delicious at any time of the day.

Duck & Waffle living up to expectations. (I’m back)

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Polo Bar
This low key diner has a pretty big menu stuffed full of comfort foods and american classics. While it’s their pancakes which you might recognize (they had a massive stack challenge for pancake day), they have all the classics breakfast offerings and their full english is mahoosive and delicious.

VQ Chelsea
VQ, or Vingt-quatre (that’s french for 24), is a sleek addition to our snazzy little list. Both the night and day menu here are huge, and offer a massive variety of dishes- from pastas, to omelettes, salads to hot dogs. Not to overlook their breakfast menu, which is 24/7 and offers all the classics.

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Something a little different to end our list on a high! The Turkish food at Somine is heavy on spices and flavour, giving a twist on the traditional dishes we know and love. It is also a carnivore’s dream, with every kind of grilled meat you could ask for. If you ever wake up in the middle of the night and have a panging for some seriously tasty nosh, this is the spot for you.